November 9, 2015

The calm of the ocean

coast of maine 2015 - 1-imp.jpg

Today was a day in which I should have stayed in bed or on the coast of Maine. Half hour getting across the bridge for a dentist appointment at eight in the morning doesn't help make ones day much less a curb getting in your way as your turning onto a street. Teeth cleaned , on my way back across the bridge to the gym and low and behold I discover on the three mile bridge I have a flat. Now, one does not stop on this bridge as you'd be putting your life on the line. Made it across and wait for almost two hours for tow truck. Thank-god for David coming to get me, and trying to make every thing better. Better now that I've vented! Now, for a nice swim in the pool, little wine and I should be all set.

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November 8, 2015

The Woodstocks have returned!


I started playing golf last week at the Fort Myers Country club and was excited to see these Woodstock's during my stroll. Next week, I'll bring my camera to be ready for the birds and perhaps a birdie for me would work as well. Been a busy week where I've not gotten to my computer but will try harder next week.

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