October 29, 2014

Another banner day on the Oregon Coast!

red berries and rocks-imp.jpg

Had our first bad motel experience but lived through it . Got on the road early and of course it was raining , but the sun came out and just got better as the day wore on. The first sun we've seen a week! We are now in California and have been through the Redwood State / National park on the Redwood highway. This has been a wondrous experience and only seems to get better.

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October 28, 2014

Oregon Coast is amazing!

where sand dunes and the ocean meets-imp.jpg

Out of my mouth came words today I thought I'd never say. " I think this is more beautiful than the Maine coast!" Rain, wind, fog, winding roads, but oh so beautiful and magnificent. I think I would like to do this again on a sunny day. David has been very patient with me today, stopping in the pouring rain for a photo shoot, doing all the driving and making sure I got lots of photos. To top off the day, we're getting a coffee and who is in front of us. A young man from Portland , Maine and then the best part. Asked him where he went to school and he said Deering High. Asked him if he had or knew Mr. Gordon. Yes, he had the old Mr. Gordon as a teacher. There were two Mr. Gordons! Wait till I tell my cousin, Brian Gordon.

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October 27, 2014

Double Rainbow over The Empress!

double rb over Empress-imp.jpg

David and I have spent a lot of time on buses, ferries, and planes in the last few days, but it has come to an end now that we picked up a rental in Seattle and got on the road for Seaside, Oregon. This was a photo taken yesterday at the bus stop overlooking the back of the beautiful Empress Hotel in Victoria. Had dinner last night at Cin Cin a very swanky Vancouver restaurant. Very swanky indeed! When the bill came and my wine was $18.75 a glass we about lost it . Thank-god I only had two. I could buy several bottles of my favorite wine for that, but hey we're retired and on vacation. A beautiful but wet ride to Oregon!

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October 26, 2014

Flower at Butchart Garden!

White Dahlia-imp.jpg

Made a mistake in my geography yesterday, as I said I was in Victoria. Which I was, but unbeknown to me , I was on Vancouver Island in the city of Victoria. Walking to dinner last night we encountered pouring down rain. Have you ever been splashed by vehicles going by and spraying water all over you? Happened twice last night with David running like a bull dog chasing the car that was guilty. Then he has the nerve to tell me he and his buddies use to do this for fun when he was young. Payback is tough! Left Victoria in the pouring rain this morning and now back in sunny Vancouver. Great trip thus far!

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October 25, 2014

The Butchart Gardens in BC

BG 2014-imp.jpg

Friend Lynn told if I ever got to Victoria that I had to go and see these gardens. David and I had the opportunity to do so today and what a thrill indeed. They're amazing even at this time of the year when so much has gone by. If ever I come this way again, I will return as there is so darn much for the eye to behold.

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October 24, 2014

Flags at half staff in Canada!

In honor of the unknown soldier-imp.jpg

Had a wonderful evening last night in Vancouver sitting at the oyster bar at Joe Forte's enjoying Dungeness Crab for the first time and it was yummy. I shall have lots more of that before my return trip. Took a bus, ferry, bus to Victoria today and arrived this afternoon. Looking forward to a visit tomorrow of the Butchart Gardens and praying that it doesn't rain on our parade. A tad cold here, but thankfully, we brought lots of warm clothing.

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October 23, 2014

Vancouver from 550 feet!

Vancouver from 550 feet-imp.jpg

Had every intention of renting bikes today and doing Stanley Park. However, it was pouring this morning so David set plan b into motion. We got an all day trolley ticket and saw all of the highlights in Vancouver and Stanley Park. We were able to get on and off the trolley which allowed us to explore areas that we really wanted to see as well as do some walking. This is an incredible city,very modern and vibrant. We plan to come back someday soon on our way to Alaska and stay longer. Off to Victoria tomorrow morning. I have no phone service!

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