October 9, 2015

Farmers market in Portland, Maine


One of the joys of living downtown was walking to the Farmers market twice a week. One in Monument Square and the other in Oaks Park. Wonderful fresh produce to pick from as well as beautiful bouquet of flowers, homemade cows butter and on and on were the choices.

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October 8, 2015

Art in Portland


This was the route we would walk most days in Portland, around the Back Bay. I came across this painting on a pole one day and was really taken with it. So good to be back in Florida , back at my gym to get some of this fat off after eating our way through Portland. Swimming in our pool last night before dinner was refreshing and having our cocktails on Lani vs. sitting in a room with no view. Life is certainly good!

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October 7, 2015

A sad day for many!


The coast guard has called off the search for missing survivors on El Faro which sank Thursday during the storm off the Bahama's. Several of the crew had attended MMA and were well known in the Castine community. Tonight at seven I will put my feet into water and take a moment of silence and prayer for the missing and for the families and friends they have left behind.

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October 5, 2015

Two Lights


Another harrowing day on the road. Drove 520 miles from Virginia across the state on 85 as there were flood warnings down on 95 a. Now in Georgia. We will be home tomorrow night come hell or high water. Tractor trailer trucks on a two lane highway taking the whole road. Crazy! Guess I'm just a country girl who likes quiet and no traffic to speak of . Can you tell, I'm still tired?

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October 4, 2015

Portland Head Light


Cape Elizabeth, Maine! The saga has begun and I'll try to get it all out of my system today. Not only did we leave Portland during the heaviest rain fall of the month, we spent out first night on the road last night in the motel from hell. Next to a thoroughfare with big rigs hauling up and down all night long. I mean all night. No sleep for me. Today , we arrive at the Auto train, trains not going due to weather down in SC. Now, we called yesterday and they didn't see any issue with todays train. Clearly, there was a problem. Now, we're on the east coast with the most miserable traffic and heading south. Stay tuned. We may make in a couple of days, when we should have been in tomorrow afternoon. Out of clean cloths and at this point I really don't care!

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October 3, 2015

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse


One of the many lighthouses we have visited this past month. Hit the road for Florida this morning and are in PA. for the evening. Very heavy traffic. I don't think anyone works anymore or ever stays home.

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