October 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, David!


All outfitted in his nantucket red Castine Yacht Club hat and wind shirt from Castine Golf Club. Beginning to look just like one of the local summer folks. Just saying!

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September 30, 2014

Looking for dinner!

where are the fish-imp-imp.jpg

Almost there with four quilts for Ms. Sweet! Next time I open my mouth and say, "I can do that", kill me. Lordy I don't know what I'm thinking when I do that, but this is a very dear friend and how could I not do something for her? So, one more to go!

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September 29, 2014

Wild on Sabal!

wild on the sabal-imp.jpg

Busy day but much accomplished. Second quilt made for Ms. Meriby and oh what a mess in my place. Now some folks want to come and look at it. Not tonight!

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September 28, 2014

Playing Sabal!

lone flower adrift-imp.jpg

Started watching the Ryder cup early this morning but gave up and went out and played ourselves. Hot and humid but so nice to see the beauty of the golf course. No snakes or gators today but a few birds and flowers. Lunch at the Tiki Hut and now to watch USA lose once again to Europe. Why bother I ask myself, but can't help myself. I like the pain!

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September 27, 2014

Farmers market in the south!

farmers market in the south-imp.jpg

David got some fresh corn at the market this morning and then took me for a surprise drive. Mario's Italian Deli. OMG, heaven I'm in heaven! Got a couple of things for dinner tonight, but this could be my new hangout. Yummmm

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September 26, 2014

Downtown Fort Myers

colorful downtown FM-imp.jpg

Recovering from fall cold but have been able to get a lot of little things done around here. Watching the Ryder cup has been exciting along with sewing a project for my friend Meriby which I'm hoping will work out for her. Good to get it off my list of things to do.

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September 25, 2014

Cold has hit the south!

Pelican day-imp.jpg

Cold being me with my first winter cold! Now it's in the high 80's here everyday or more, so where or where did this come from? Must have picked it up at the wedding this week-end which tells me I shouldn't go to anymore weddings.

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September 24, 2014

Missing my Maine Tomatoes


Crop of tomatoes this year were beautiful, with no bugs or worms. I hated to leave them, but hope my tenant is enjoying them. Got a roasted tomato soup and some salads out of them before I left, but that was it.

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